Saturday, August 31, 2002

Now I hate MTV as much as the next guy, trust me. But curiosity got the best of me on Thursday and at 11(my time) I tuned in to see the last award of the night. I had seen the videos that were nominated for best video. I have a question, how the FUCK does Eminem win best video. Now, music aside, there were much better videos nominated. Goddammit, The White Stripes, POD, NAS(remember,music aside) all had better videos. How in the name of holy satan does Eminem even get nominated. Jesus Christ. I hate MTV. I'm officialy done with it. Fuck MTV and fuck their obviously biased and fan driven decisions. They could at least have the decency to have some balls and pick a deserving video.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Black chicks are really hot in South Carolina...Just a thought
In my civil war class, we're learning about Lincoln. Now some of you have heard rant about this before, but Lincoln was a fucking racist! He had no desire to free slaves or seek equality for blacks and whites. He explicitly stated in a debate with Stephan Douglas that he was opposed to it. This man used racial slurs more then I do. He was a fucking dictator who spat on our constitution who illegaly tried to prevent the South from exercising their constitutional right to secede. Fuck Lincoln. He was no great man. A man like Nixon is scorned in history, yet Lincoln is praised. To quote a great movie, "What kind of Mickey Mouse shit is this?" Goddamn, i hate history because what they teach us is always fucked the hell up. All of you, seek the truth, dont fucking listen to what the GOVERNMENT controlled schools are teaching you. Keep your eyes wide fucking open...
You know, this is just another way for me to waste time when I could be doing something worthwhile. But I'm not. I will, probobly, but right now I'm just typing pointless drivel which only one or two fuckheads will probobly read, if that. So I could just write, oh I don't know, niggers like chicken, daggos like pasta, greasers like sewer water... and no one will say a thing. Were you offended? Well then, fuck you. die, i dont care, go to another goddamn site you stupid piece of fuck.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Did you hear about all this shit MTV is pulling, it really is ticking me off. Disturbs new video, as im sure you heard, wont be played because it might remind people about 9/11. WHAT? Why do they feel that they have to all of a sudden protect society. It is not their job. I saw the video Jeremy, they edit out whee he puts a gun in his mouth, you just see blood hit his peers. Ok. Weezer cant say "Hashpipe", Korn cant say "trigger" and "rape". Yet, all these rap videos sing about motherfucking womens asses and show scantily clad women dancing around. This is all right? Britney Spears performs halfnaked and that is all right? But heaven forbid you let Papa Roach say "suicide". They need to get their goddamn priorities in order and pull their libral brains out of their fucking ass.