Saturday, August 24, 2002

All i really want to put on this fucking site is angry and depressed teenage rantings, because quite frankly, There is too much time during the motherfucking day when I have to be on good goddamn behavior. I quite frankly dont give two strokes and a gooey vagina what anyone thinks. I enjoy putting worthless shit on the web, hell, at least in this way im contributing to the moral decay of society which i constantly complain about.Its all worthless shitfuckcuntassbitch material. See, I'm not even making sense...
Well, what do you suppose is the point of believing in a God? I think I do, I keep telling myself I do, but I'm really not too sure. isn't it just another way to keep the masses quiet. Why do you suppose they keep telling you what you can or cannot do? So that you dont ask questions about what it is exactly the fucking government is doing. While they're fucking us blind, we're supposed to just sit there and pray to God to make it all better. Why would he fucking care? There is absolutly no goddamn reason for a supposed God to care. At least I think. Fuck, I'm just confused. Union Underground is coming out with a new album, so is Slaves on Dope, at least I have something to fucking look forward to. Short of the end of this shitty existence...

Thursday, August 22, 2002

you scream
but no one hears
dont want them to hear
you muffle it
by shoving your
finger down your
you pretend to be happy
you're not
pretend to be pretty
you're not
blond hair, tanned skin, does not
cleanse your soul
you are black inside
and the feelings well up
crushed by your determination
to not admit
it means nothing
you're so called beauty
is wasted
fuck you
fix your goddamn soul
you buy another
Well, today I think that I realized that remembering the past is a rather feeble attempt, even if it is for a paper. What the fuck is the point in trying to remember something you cant change anyway. Think about it, why do we have photographs and home movies and all this other goddamn shit that serves no purpose other then to say " Well things weren't always fucked up." I enjoyed my past when it was the present,but now its the present that is the present, unless its the future, in which case...ah hell. You know, the people down here in the south are really a bit stupider then I remember people being up North. I know its a stereo type, but Ive really noticed this. Well, i still have yet to put something of value on this goddamn site. Oh well....vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I just realized i was linked to from a friends website. I dont think i can handle the pressure. I think i should probobly put something worthwhile on here. Ah fuck it.
my god
and he
to die
Last night, I saw the movie Midnight Cowboy. It has to be the saddest movie I have ever seen. I have no idea why it affected me so much. I mean, I didnt fucking cry or anything, but it was still an extremely sad movie. Well, lately my boredoms has been alleveated some what because i began reading Atlas Shrugged. I really dont want to do anything at school, but it just so easy, that There really is no reason to not do it. My creative writhing class is a joke, which unfortunatly is what i expected. Mr. Hopping sucks as a teacher. Someone should put a bullet in his lame ass brain. Dumb fuck.